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About Rebecca Benezue


Hi! Welcome and thanks for visiting! I'll keep this brief (because we all have lives to live)--- I'm a (mostly) self-taught photographer who loves all things feline and playing in Photoshop. I do portrait and commercial photography but my first love is conceptual art portraiture. You may be asking, "But what IS conceptual art portraiture?" Please read on......


Conceptual art portraits are born of a concept, or idea. They are usually (but not always) a composited image, meaning that it is a combination of a subject (person), shot in a studio (or sometimes on location), "cut out" in Photoshop and placed in a new background, with or without additional elements added in.  Then there are toning and other edits done to blend it all together into one seamless image. This process adds a whole new dimension to portrait photography, allowing the subject to have a portrait in an exotic locale or lending an ethereal, fantasy aspect to an otherwise mundane portrait.  Many times the final product  more closely resembles a painting than a photograph, which makes for wonderful one of a kind wall art which can be handed down for generations, as well as an interesting conversation piece. Feel free to call or email me with your ideas and let's make some wonderful art together!

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